The Rainbow Gem With a Personality

Most people don’t realize this, but precious opal is comparable in price and is often more valuable than diamonds. And when you think about it, for the average person, if you’ve seen one diamond, you’ve seen a lot. They all basically look alike except for the shine

However, Opal has a personality. There are red, green, yellow, blue, pink, orange stones, etc. Yet within each of these featured colors you will find a subtle hint of other colors to complement them. More than that, just like people, the opal changes its “personality” as it moves. The dominant color may be red but then it will instantly change to green, blue, yellow and a multitude of other colors, depending on the theme of the stone itself.

Most gemstones only come to life after being altered by humans. Yet the opal will dazzle you in its natural state when it comes out of the ground. Some stones are left as is and set into jewelry. Others are shaped and polished according to the taste of the owner or the imagination of the tailor.

The special thing about natural opal is that it is not just a rich man’s stone. While it may cost $30,000 or more to own one of the rarest stones such as the ‘Red Robin’ or the ‘Butterfly’, the average person can nevertheless share a small reflection of this fame for just a few dollars, and when a friend asks the wearer, “Is this a REAL OPAL?, whether it costs $50 or $50,000, one can honestly say, YES. Not so with the diamonds or sapphires, or any other precious stone.

Not only do opals have a personality of their own, but you can select the stone that suits you personally. Your complexion. The type and color of clothes you prefer. Remember that even though the stone you are buying may be one of the cheapest, there is no other stone in the world exactly the same as this one. Oh yes, there may be similar ones but if you look closely you should be able to recognize it among others.

And if you want to be really adventurous, you can opt for some fun boulder opal stones. These gorgeous gems are often quite inexpensive. The price ranges from around $20 to whatever you want to pay. They often have ironstone inclusions in their face, and all sorts of interesting unique patterns are seen that make them even more unique than the average opal. These stones stimulate the artistic imagination of designers because they are usually not cut in traditional oval shapes, but can take any shape chosen by the cutter.

So…when choosing YOUR opal, think about your own personality and how you would like to express it in your jewelry. There is an opal with its own personality, waiting to be worn by someone who will match it. Visit for a complete overview of this amazing stone, as well as many details about backcountry opal mines.

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