The Calories Burned Playing Squash Makes It a Great Fitness Sport

Maybe you have been looking for an amazing activity that will help you stay fit and healthy, then squash can be a very good option because the number of calories burned while playing squash is quite good . It is simply composed of a compartment with 3 walls and a door where 2 to 4 people can have fun while playing. It takes good physical condition, reflexes and concentration to defeat your friend. Needless to say, with an exciting training regimen like squash and the calories burned playing squash, you will soon find yourself reaching your goal, whether it’s losing weight, staying fit, maximize concentration or perhaps practice a healthy sport.

Being a very fast exercise, squash is known to be an exceptional cardiovascular exercise. Regardless of your age or gender, you are likely to experience beneficial results from playing squash. What you need to do is register with a sports club and start indoor sports. You will need your squash kit, and Harrow squash rackets are proven to be one of the best manufacturers you can look at. Not only will this allow you to experience athletic activity, but it will also help your hand-eye coordination, body mobility and awareness. Squash can also work as a great stress reliever after your hard day at work. People say it’s a good idea to team up with your friends for a game of squash at the end of the day to relieve stress and stay fit at the same time.

A look at calories burned while playing squash:

A brief overview of calories burned playing squash will let you see how beneficial it can be as an effective fitness sport and even as a training activity. The amount of calories you burn will mainly depend on how long you play as well as your body weight. Additionally, a female participant will burn calories a little differently than a male participant. However, assuming a body weight of around 65 kilograms/171 pounds, the following will give you an idea of ​​the calories burned while playing squash:

When participating in the game for 10 minutes – 130 calories
If you participate in the game for 30 minutes – 390 calories.
If you play the game for 60 minutes/1 hour – 780 calories

Some experts believe that squash allows you to burn more calories in equivalent time compared to widely known active sports, such as football, tennis or basketball. It should always be understood that the data presented here is an approximate calculation and may change from individual to individual, although sport invariably allows you to burn your calories permanently.

Squash is a great idea for fitness training as well as being a stress reliever. It exercises your body and your mind at the same time, while being an enjoyable sporting activity. However, you may need proper guidance and equipment to play squash, which is a very lively and high intensity game. Prepare your equipment with a Harrow squash racket, suitable clothing and possibly advice from a qualified teacher or trainer to prepare you for the match. When you’re up to speed, you’ll see good results due to calories burned playing squash and you’ll find you’re fitter, less stressed and find enjoyment in your game.

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