The Calorie Shifting Theory in a Nutshell – Does Calorie Shifting Really Work?

Whoever told you losing weight was hard was lying to you…it might even be your subconscious! There is nothing difficult about losing weight even if you have failed in the past. One of the best ways people have lost weight over the past few years has been to apply calorie shifting theory to their lives. While this isn’t new, there’s a lot to digest at once, so I’ll break it down into the basics for you.

The basis of the diet

The variation in calories a person will consume in a day is what forms the basis of calorie transfer theory. By recombining specific foods into your diet, your body has manipulated your metabolism into running at full throttle, so to speak. Your metabolism that would normally work based on your eating history and habits is now thrown into a chaotic system as it can no longer successfully predict your calorie intake.

The success of the diet

The success of the calorie shifting theory also relies on you eating at least 4 meals a day every 2.5 hours. This creates an environment where your metabolism is constantly working and digesting food without rest. Pretty cool huh? One of the most popular diets on the market, Fat Loss 4 Idiots, uses an 11-day cycle based on the Calorie Shift Theory and 2 subsequent cheat aids that are also part of the theory. Cheat days should be taken for the diet to be optimized. It’s great because I love to eat! Starving yourself is not a healthy or recommended way to lose weight, unlike the movies or not-so-glossy celebrities. Breakfast is a must to kickstart your metabolism in the morning to start your day.

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