Online Shopping Lingo: Abbreviations and Acronyms

Visiting coupon, cashback, or bargain sites may, at first glance, seem

like visiting a foreign country. You see phrases such as:


And WHAT do you think? Eh? What are they talking about? What

language is THAT?

(Translation: Bargain Alert! Bath & Body Works

the brick and mortar store has a buy-one on soaps, hope that

assistance !)

I mean, that’s enough to make you want TYHO!

(Tear Your Hair Out – I made that one up.)

Before you click away in frustration, let me assure you that

it IS possible to speak like a native – you just need a guide to

terminology, acronyms, abbreviations, definitions and

the use of words found on discount and premium product listings, coupons and

online code lists and refund and exchange forums.

Each site you visit may have its own particular phrases, but

in general, the most common terms can be found in the list



B&M = brick and mortar

B1G1F = Buy one, get one free

BOGO = (same as B1G1), Buy One, Get One (usually free)

C/O = Cash Off or Cents Off

CPN = Coupon

CRT = Cash Register Tape

CSR = Customer Service Representatives

CVS = A Pharmacy/Pharmacy like Rite-Aid

DB = Dear/Darling/Darn Brother

DCRT = Dated Cash Receipt

JJ* = Dear/Honey/Darn Girl

DG = Dear / Darling / Sacred Girlfriend

DH = Dear/Darling/Darn Husband

NPD = Do not double

DS* = Dear/Chéri/Darn Son

DUPES = Doubloons

DW = Dear/Honey/Darn Wife

EB = additional dollars (CVS)

ECB = Bucks Extra Care (CVS)

ESR = Easy Saver Rebate (Walgreens Monthly Rebate)

FAB = From another board

GC = Gift Voucher

GDA = Bargain Alert

GWP = Gift with Purchase

M/F = Application fees

HT/HGT = hang tag

ISO = Looking for

LMK = Let me know

LOL = laugh out loud and/or very lucky

LPG = Lower Price Guarantee

LSASE = Self-addressed long stamped envelope

MIB = Mint in Box

MIL = mother-in-law

MMV = mileage may vary

MS = mystery shopper

NAZ = Name Address Zip code

NED = No expiration date

NIB = New in Box

NOCC = No Credit Card

NWOT = New without tags

TNO = New with tags

OBO = or best offer

PLMK = Please let me know

POB = PO Box

POP = proof of purchase

PP = Purchase price

PPHF = PayPal Processing Fee

PREM (Premium) = An item received from a refund offer.

PSTG = postage

Qualifier (Q)= Proof of purchase.

RAOK = random act of kindness

RP = Reward Programs

SAHM = stay at home mom

SASE = Self-addressed stamped envelope

SMP = Specially Marked Parcels

TMF = Try Me Free

TOS = Terms of Use

TTFN = Your your for now

TY/ty = Thank you

UNL = Unlimited

UPC = Universal Product Code

W/L or WL= Wishlist

WAHM = Work at Home Mom

Winetags = coupons found around the neck of a bottle of wine

YMMV = your merchandise (or mileage) may vary

* (Add an S for step _ so DSD is Dear/Darling/Darn Step-Daughter)

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