Master Cleanse Shopping List

If you’ve finally convinced yourself to try Master Cleanse, you need to gather the Master Cleanse ingredients. The things needed for this detox diet really aren’t that hard to find. In fact, you can find some of the items inside your pantry.

So what should you write on your shopping list?

fresh lemons

Yes, fresh lemons. Without lemons, this diet wouldn’t be called the Lemonade Diet, would it? It is the most important ingredient. Without it, you cannot even start this diet. Well, you can probably use lime, but that’s another topic.

Organic lemons are the best lemons you can buy. No pesticides are used to grow organic lemons. It is therefore our first choice. However, if you really can’t find organic lemons, you can just use regular lemons. Just be sure to never use canned or powdered lemon juice.

If you plan to drink twelve glasses of lemonade juice a day, you will need 6 lemons a day. If you are cleaning for 10 days, you will need 60 lemons. Now that’s a lot!

Maple syrup

There are different grades of maple syrup on the market, but you need grade B maple syrup for this diet. Be sure to check the label to make sure it’s Grade B and not Grade A. Be careful, you need the real maple syrup and not the maple flavored ones. Pancake syrup or maple flavored syrup contains only a small amount of maple syrup.

Cayenne pepper

I know this ingredient is a little weird. But you need a pinch of cayenne for your lemonade juice. It’s not repulsive as it sounds. This makes lemonade juice delicious. However, it is not added just for flavor. It is an important ingredient since it warms the body. It provides extra energy and helps break up mucus.


You need sea salt for the Master Cleanse diet. Note that this salt is not for the lemonade juice but for the salt water flush. Never buy iodized ones or table salt. You must use non-iodized salt.

laxative tea

Every night during the Master Cleanse, laxative tea should be taken. It helps individuals eliminate. Senna tea is highly recommended. However, this tea causes stomach upset in some people. If you really don’t need any help with a bowel movement, you can look for senna tea that is 25% leaf and 75% pod. The pods are less potent, so this type of tea wouldn’t be too hard on your stomach.


The only rule for water used in Master Cleanse is that fluoridated water should not be used. In addition, it must be at room temperature.

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