Livwell Nutrition – Vegan Protein for Health and Wellness!

Vegans sometimes struggle to get all of their daily macros due to their healthy lifestyles. Livwell Nutrition offers plant-based protein powders that are the perfect option for mixing into a smoothie, lovely creamer, acai bowls, morning coffee. These protein powders come from natural sources and are only made with ingredients that people can actually read and know about! Livwell is organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free and vegan. Livwell Nutrition uses state-of-the-art protein separation techniques that preserve nutrients, are cold-processed and do not involve chemicals; also packed with recycled materials.

Livwell is redefining clean protein, using real, plant-based ingredients that are familiar to us, with no artificial or synthetic ingredients, fillers, “natural flavors” or additives. One serving contains 17 grams of protein that builds muscles and is easy on the digestive system. Livwell Protein also contains all 20 amino acids, so there is no longer any reason to drink artificial BCAAs during/before workouts. It helps build muscle, keep you lean and maintain your energy at the same time. A serving of Livwell plant protein also provides 38% daily protein for women and 31% daily protein for men.

Livwell Nutrition currently offers four products including Raw Cacao – Raw Plant Protein, Raw Wild Vanilla Bean Raw Plant Protein, Regular Raw Plant Protein, Raw Coconut Plant Protein. These mouth-watering flavors contain superfoods and have specific health benefits. Raw Cacao Plant-Based Protein has high protein bioavailability, a potent amino acid profile, smooth (not chalky) texture, proprietary cold-processed protein, real organic vanilla beans, and raw Ecuadorian cocoa. Vanilla bean is known to improve mood and aid in weight loss. Raw cacao actually helps control sugar cravings, which can lead to weight loss, and provides steady natural energy. Not to mention, it tastes amazing. Wild Vanilla Bean vegan protein is made from sprouted brown rice, yellow peas, sacha inchi (from the Amazon rainforest), hemp seed protein, Ceylon cinnamon and vanilla bean. These ingredients work together in the body to build strong, lean muscle, improve brain function, and provide the body with sustaining energy. This vanilla vegetable protein tastes like the desert! Plain plant protein is light and refreshing; it can also be added to anything for a protein boost as it will not change the flavor of your food/drink but will add four superfoods and the necessary amino acids! Coconut Plant Protein Blend has a tropical nutty flavor that will boost any food or drink and provide your muscles with everything they need to recover and be properly supported.

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