Idea Shopping at Your Library

First visit the section of your favorite sunject Focus on books with catchy titles. Try to guess what each book is about before pulling it off the shelf and examining its dust jacket and table of contents. Is there a new fact or an idea? What is the book about? If you have time, read the section or chapter in question. What is your opinion on this fact? Do you have any related experience on this?

Then visit a section with books on a topic that interests you and repeat the process. Are you interested in computers, science, travel, psychology? Dive in and consider the headlines that grab your attention. What are the aspects of a given subject? What books are about countries? Computers? Creativity? What aspects of their subjects are presented?

Don’t forget to take notes and titles of interesting books and authors, Consider borrowing only one or two books to read at home without avoiding the temptation to borrow more than one or two.

Visit the magazines and periodicals section. Browse magazines on a range of topics. Take a look at the articles that seem interesting. Does a given article confirm or oppose an opinion that you have always defended / What would be a contrary opinion and why? You may have come across an idea! Keep browsing. You never know what treasure is hidden within these pages.

Visit the book stack sections that you tend to bypass. Look at the titles. What’s new? Consider topics like literature, history, and biographies. What happens to you when you browse?

Visit the children’s lounge. You will find books with easy to understand explanations and pictures. Is there a subject you always wanted to know more about, but didn’t have time to study? There could be a book on this subject!

Take stock of your thoughts and written ideas. They contain many treasures. You have material and ideas to develop or ponder. The time was well spent and potentially profitable.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the questions that came to you at the library.Try to answer them on paper, a given question has the potential to become an article or a book! What questions seem to be most intriguing? How would you respond to them? Who else might be asking these same questions and why?

Organize your notes and ideas at home. Expand on your favorite ideas in the outline of the article. Which magazines might be interested in and why would you be qualified to write a given article?

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